Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize? You gotta be kidding

How can a rookie be inducted into the Hall of Fame before his rookie season is over? Obama has been in power for only 9 months. Moreover, did you know that candidates for the prize had to be submitted to the Nobel committee by February 1st? That's right, only two weeks after Obama was inaugurated as President.

There is clearly an agenda at work here, where the lefties are publicly endorsing each other like a clique.  I normally wouldn't have a problem with that, except that we're dealing with the Nobel Peace Prize here.  There is a huge symbolism attached to any Nobel Prize.  It's like a lifetime achievement award that humanity grants to its most distinguished members.  I find it very distasteful that they are manipulating this prize for politican reasons.  

Distasteful isn't strong enough.  I want to spit.

What's next?  Will Obama be granted an honorary Gold Medal at the 100 metre dash?

Keep in mind that John Paul II, who worked so hard for peace, including helping bring down communism, was never awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Blessed Mother Teresa won the prize 1979.  If you put Obama and Blessed Mother Teresa on opposite sides of a "peace" scale, which way do you think it would tilt?  Is any comparison even possible?

Of note, she is quoted as saying:  "the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion."  Very well said.  In my book, that would rule out Obama big-time.