Monday, October 5, 2009

CCCB Declines Dialogue with LifeSite

Disturbing news from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). It goes like this:

1. In the spring of 2009, LifeSite and many other pro-life groups uncovered the names of about 40 pro-abortion groups in developing countries being funded by Development and Peace, the CCCB's official charity.

2. In June 2009, the CCCB issued a whitewash denial without addressing any evidence. They also chastized LifeSite for not engaging in "dialogue" with the bishops, even though LifeSite had sought to discuss the evidence with the bishops and Development and Peace before going public (they were brushed aside).

3. In July 2009, in response to the CCCB's request for more "dialogue", LifeSite offered to make a 15-minute presentation to the bishops at their plenary in mid-October.

4. On September 25, the CCCB denied LifeSite's request.

Now tell me, dear reader, how is one supposed to react to this apparently false overture for dialogue on the part of the CCCB?

The episcopacy is a fundamental institution of the Catholic Church.  We cannot survive without it.  However, many of the current incumbents aren't doing their job.  We desperately need them to return to Rome's teaching.  There are good bishops in this country.  We need them to speak up, lest the flock be totally disoriented and lost.