Friday, October 9, 2009

McGill students humiliate themselves by denying free speech

Pro-abortion students at McGill University showed the true colours of the abortion movement by trying to deny authentic free speech to a pro-life speaker.  As the pro-lifer was trying to give a presentation, these students invaded the speaking area and drowned out the speaker with shouts and songs.  So much for "choice".  They wouldn't even let the other side speak.  Watch the spectacle here.  Honestly, they look like school children and not adults.  

In recent years, we've seen pro-abortion students at several other Canadian universities try to silence pro-lifers through coercion, so this behaviour is not surprising.

However, there is an original twist to this incident.  To their credit, McGill University authorities realized that freedom of speech is essential at a university, so they called the police.  A representative of the university addressed the protesters at about 3:45 of the video and asked them to let the speaker make his presentation.  The police officer then politely but firmly laid down the law at about 4:15, notably by telling them that if they didn't leave in 5 minutes they would be arrested and removed.   

Some students chose not to obey and the police removed them.  However, the police eventually left, even though many students kept disrupting the presentation.  The cops didn't fulfill their obligations fully in this case.  As for the university's own security guards, they were completely useless.  They were unwilling to do anything.  So what's the point of these guards?

I feel sorry for these students.  Their reputations are forever tarnished.  If you were an employer, would you hire a person who doesn't believe in freedom of speech and decency?  Do you think they would be conducive to a respectful and constructive work environment?  As a manager who has done dozens of interviews over the years, I tell you that you shouldn't touch such a person with a 10-foot pole.

As for the police, I'm disappointed (but not surprised) that they chickened out.  

The pro-aborts have done us a favour by showing how intolerant they are and how unsympathetic their position is.  If they held a legitimate position that could be defended with reasonable arguments, do you think they'd behave like this?  They know that they just can't rival pro-life arguments.  They're afraid that the truth be known because then the gravity of abortion will be exposed.  Consequently, their only hope is to silence debate.

As I've said before, student associations should not be involved in politics.  That's not their purpose.  If students like political life, they should do it outside the university like the rest of us.

Please pray for the conversion of these students.