Saturday, October 10, 2009

More pro-abortion advocacy from a Development and Peace partner reports that one of Development and Peace's (D&P) Mexican partners has once again demonstrated its pro-abortion activism.  The organization is providing us with yet another piece of incontrovertible evidence of how our hard-earned donations are being put to work for the cause of evil.  I hope the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) is paying attention.

After reading the LifeSiteNews coverage, I decided to go directly to the source, i.e. the website of the organization in question.  They call themselves "Todos los Derechos Para Todos y Todas", which means "All Rights for Everyone."  On their website, they just posted a document criticizing the Mexican govenrment's record on human rights.  On page 10, in the sub-section called "Fighing discrimination and the rights of specific groups - Women", they denounce the lack of abortion services in some Mexican states:

"The implementation of the Official Mexican Norm 046-SSA2-200519 regulates the provision of medical services to women who are victims of sexual violence and includes the procedures that health care institutions must follow to provide interruption of pregnancy services when this [the pregnancy] is the result of a rape.  The implementation of the Norm has been impeded now that reforms in the constitutions of 12 federal entities have been produced, which protect the unborn in their local constitutions."

In other words, the implementation of reforms to protect the unborn in 12 states is a violation of women's rights.  This is typical rhetoric from the pro-abortion side.  The report goes on to lament some instances of women not being allowed to have abortions in Guanajuato. 

This is one of the "Original Five" Mexican groups that was first exposed way back in March 2009.  The CCCB "investigated" this groups and found them to not be promoting abortion.  I guess the CCCB didn't look too hard, eh?.  What does that tell you about the CCCB's rigour?  There are none so blind as those who will not see. 

Now let me re-iterate that this is not some obscure secret document that LifeSite obtained in a back-alley meeting with some anonymous informant named "Deep Throat."  This report is on the Internet for the whole world to see.  Please click on the link and see for yourself.  So don't let anybody deceive you into thinking that the evidence is not conclusive.  IT IS UNDENIABLE.  If anybody tries to deny it, including your local bishop, send them the link:

When LifeSite contacted the CCCB to explain this new evidence, they were told that the CCCB is conducting an ongoing review of Development and Peace.  This is definitely good news.  The fact that this review was not announced publicly leads me to believe that it isn't simply a PR move and that it might have been prompted by some outraged bishops who really care about what's going on.  Let's pray that they will actually conduct the review with their eyes open this time and that the obvious will be acknowledged.