Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The ball is in your court, your Graces

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) caused quite a stir when they invited a dissenter to give two talks at their plenary assembly from October 19 to 23.  The outcry was so bad, that the CCCB asked the theologian in question, Richard Gaillardetz, to publicly explain the controversial views that he holds.  

In a series of posts, starting with this one, John Pacheco convincingly exposes Gaillardetz's errors and his obscure attempts at deceiving people that he is a faithful Catholic.  Gaillardetz's article was merely damage control, and Pacheco was not deceived.  He called upon the expertise of two renowned theologians who confirm that Gaillardetz is indeed in defiance of Church teaching in many respects.

So, dear bishops, the ball is in your court.  Why have you invited this man?  Will you un-invite him in order to avoid confusing and scandalizing the faithful?

Dear readers:  if you care about your Church and your bishops, you should ask your local bishop why they are inviting a dissenter to give them two lectures.