Thursday, February 11, 2010

Toronto Archdiocese Renews Funding Restrictions on Development and Peace

Finally some good news on the D&P scandal, again from Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto.  Last year, when the D&P scandal broke, he was the first to announce that no money from his Archdiocese would be sent to a D&P partner unless the partner was approved by the local bishop in the country where the operation was to take place.

He has just now reiterated this position.  Read the coverage here

This type of leadership is exactly what the Canadian Church needs.  Here's a man who is rising up to receive the grace of courage being offered by God to His bishops.  He refuses to be complicit in D&P's devious ruse and he's not afraid to announce it publicly, thus avoiding scandal among his flock.  He will not be bullied by his brother bishops.  He is clearly showing the Catholics of Toronto and of the whole country that he will not tolerate funding being send to anti-Church groups.

May God bless you, Archbishop Collins.  Your Grace, we are at your disposal should you ever need us to help bring change to D&P.  Just say the word and we'll come running.  

May this good bishop inspire the other timid bishops in this country to rise up to the full measure of Christ.