Saturday, February 13, 2010

Money plays such an important role in abortion

Tragically, there are so many incentives in our society today that push for abortion.  Whether it be pressures from family, a boyfriend or even financial constraints, everything seems rigged to encourage more abortions.

It turns out that even insurance companies in the U.S. prefer a woman to have an abortion rather than carry her baby to term because it's cheaper for them.  Doesn't that sound really cheap?  

The reality in Canada is no different.  The cost to your provincial Medicare program is much smaller for abortions than for babies carried to term.  As governments struggle to avoid deficits, it's little wonder that they don't want the status quo of abortion legislation to be changed.

Of course, there are longer term problems associated with abortion, not the least of which is the aging of the population that threatens the very existence of the Western world as we know it.  If we don't produce enough babies, the West will gradually wither away.  But politicians don't think long term.

So the next time you hear a pro-abort ranting about a "woman's right to choose", keep in mind that her "right" is being significantly influenced by the money driving the health care system.