Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why Jesus? Why Christianity? Part 1: His sincerity

A lot of people are searching for answers and purpose amid a world that is confused, harsh and unforgiving.  Over the centuries, so many people have come to Jesus for consolation and meaning.  Have you ever wondered why?  Perhaps you're also searching for answers because your life is unfulfilled?  This is the first in a series of articles on why Jesus is so special and what joys he can bring to your life.

Jesus was so sincere and authentic

When you read the life of Jesus in the Gospels, you can't help but notice a man with a passion for life and a great love for people.  He spoke such beautiful words and preached of a lifestyle that nobody could possibly take issue with:  love, compassion, service, faithfulness, community, hope, forgiveness, tolerance, healing, consolation, joy.  What a wonderful life he proposed to his listeners!

Yet, contrary to others who went before him or came after him, Jesus practiced every single word he preached.  There was no duplicity in him, no hypocrisy, no showing off.  He gave the perfect example of every virtue that he spoke about.  For example, he would spend days and nights speaking to crowds, healing their infirmities, providing them with inspiration and hope.  He rarely took rest for himself.  Even when he was tired and hungry, he wouldn't turn away a sincere person that approached him.  He never held back.  He never took a vacation.  He gave all his time in service of others.  He broke down social barriers of discrimination against non-Jews, women, lepers and other suffering people.  He courageously stood up to the hypocrites of his time and defended the poor and weak.

With such an awesome and inspiring life, it's little wonder that so many people over the past 2000 years have been fascinated by him.  Even atheists admire his life.  Most of us wish we could be as dedicated and sincere as him.  He's such a great role model.  We wish we could imitate some of his greatness.  What a happier world we could live in if everyone emulated Jesus.

Do you feel drawn to this incredible man?  Do you want to know more about him?  What drove him?  What made him tick?  How could he be so perfect in all respects? 

Do you wish that you could have known him personally?  You can!  He's always available, right at your side, just as he always made himself available 2000 years ago when he walked in Israel.  You just need to call on him and he'll come running to you.

He's not an imaginary friend.  He's not a figment of your imagination.  He's as real as it gets.  We'll talk more about this next time.