Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ignatieff supports D&P-style of pro-abortion international aid

Michael Ignatieff, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, has stepped up his attacks against Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the most bizarre of fronts:  he insists that Harper's initiative to help maternal and child health in developing countries must include abortion services and contraception. 

Ignatieff's position doesn't surprise me one bit, since he's always been pro-abort and pro-homosexuality.  That's what the Liberal Party is all about.  What is interesting is that this model of development is identical to the model espoused by Development and Peace and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.  As the evidence has shown, D&P and the CCCB are supporting more than 40 groups in developing countries that promote abortion and contraception.  

So D&P and our bishops are of the same mind as Ignatieff:  any time you
provide a needy woman with food and medicine, you also have to slip her a birth control pill and some condoms.  Somehow they think that both go hand in hand.  It's despicable.

Now if you read the "official" rhetoric published by D&P and the CCCB, you'll find that they claim to oppose abortion and contraception.  But that's just empty lip service.  Just a gong in the wind, as St. Paul would say.  They copy-paste good phrases from the Catechism but they don't mean it in their hearts.  It's just a diversion, a cover, a front.  Actions speak louder than words, your Graces, and your actions are screaming your aggressive support for abortion and contraception.

Please spare us the hypocritical lies about your pro-life beliefs.  Nobody buys it.  You need to put your development money where your mouth is before anybody takes you seriously.  

Rumour has it that there are a few genuinely pro-life bishops out there, but they lurk in the shadows, too cowardly to take action against D&P to defend God's little ones.  They've gone into the Witness Protection Program.  You bishops are useless for the coming of the Kingdom.  Jesus said "You will know them by their fruits... A good tree cannot produce bad fruit".  How can you claim to be pro-life in your hearts if you don't produce any fruit?  Where's the beef?  "Show me your faith without works, and I by my works will show you my faith." (James 2:18)

Most bishops in this country are a dis-Grace to the sublime and divine institution of the episcopacy.  A bunch of Judases, abandoning Christ and His teaching for a few development bucks.  We must never lose faith in the institution of the episcopacy, but we can certainly be disillusioned by the falling away of our bishops.

Your Graces, does this kind of talk offend you?  THEN PROVE ME WRONG AND DO SOMETHING.

As for Harper, I'm certainly not claiming that he's pro-life.  He isn't.  Most of the Conservative MPs are pro-life, but Harper represses them and does not let them introduce policies in that direction.  He cracks the whip anytime an MP tries something too pro-life.  That's horrendous.  But at least Harper isn't implementing additional anti-life policies, as the Liberals did during their 12 years in power.  So he's the lesser of the evils.