Saturday, January 16, 2010

Will we eventually see AbortionGate?

Many researchers have found that women who have abortions have a significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer.  In fact, the majority of research on this topic reaches the same conclusion.  Only a minority of studies have found no link.  However, as pointed out by Lorne Hunter in this excellent article, the politically correct "consensus" on this issue appears to be that no link exists.

I wonder what would be found if somebody hacked the servers of the major researchers who claim that such a link doesn't exist...

Yet, I think that pro-lifers sometimes get too excited about this issue.  The abortion-breast-cancer link (or ABC link) is not the reason why we oppose abortion.  Even if science found a Star Trek technology to cure breast cancer painlessly with 100% effectiveness, we would still oppose abortion.  

The same is true about pro-lifers who focus on the damaging psychological and emotional effects of abortion.  This may be true.  However, some women are not negatively affected in this way.  And even if we had a great new anti-depressant that would cure the symptoms of women who do suffer after abortions, we would still oppose abortion.

I understand the strategy:  most women (and most men) tend to think about themselves first and foremost.  I'm just as guilty as anybody on this count.  We pay more attention when somebody warns us of suffering that will affect us personally than a more abstract notion of the death of an unborn baby that we'll never see (goes straight from the womb into the abortionist's garbage can).  I'm not saying that this strategy is useless, but it should remain secondary.  

As I mentioned earlier, it is not implausible for science to find cures for some of the negative physical and psychological consequences of abortion.  And then what?  A whole line of argument of the pro-life cause falls.  The core reason to end abortion is to save babies.  That has to remain front and centre.  I think pro-lifers sometimes get sidetracked when they should be focusing on the real issue.