Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bishop Says Funding 'Pro-Choice' Groups Okay if Restricted to Good Projects

LifeSite published an excellent article about a bishop anonymously discussing Development and Peace's funding of pro-abortion groups. This is an interesting article for a number of reasons, mostly because this bishop admits that Development and Peace is funding groups that are pro-abortion. Finally somebody comes clean!!

Yet, he doesn't think it's a big deal as long as the money is "earmarked" for projects that don't contradict Church teaching.

This approach poses a number of problems, many of which are enumerated in the article. I'll add two additional problems not covered in the article.

First, funds given to pro-aborts can be misused in ways that are extremely difficult to anticipate or even measure.  Fr. Pierre Ingram, CC, who is a systematic theologian, wrote an excellent article on this matter here.  He points out, among other things, that a pro-abortion group typically has a distorted understanding of life, sexuality and other moral issues. Those distortions will likely trickle into everything they do, even the programs that are supposed to be "not morally objectionable".  He also explains that Catholics must not merely avoid committing evil, but must also avoid the appearance of cooperation with evil in order to not scandalize others.  His article is a must read if you want to understand your faith better.

Second, the Vatican -- which is our leader and guide -- decided to stop funding UNICEF way back in 1997 precisely because the organization was pushing abortion and contraception in developing countries.  UNICEF had "earmarked" programs too, by which you could theoretically target your donations to unobjectionable causes.  Yet, the Vatican, being wise and astute, realized that UNICEF was not providing sufficient accountability to ensure that donations were not being used for immoral purposes.  As a result, they pulled the plug on financing UNICEF.  Read the official Vatican announcement here.  If it's good enough for the Vatican, it's good enough for me.

Why won't our bishops just follow the Vatican's example?  That's all I'm asking.  Is that too much to ask?