Saturday, January 2, 2010

Canadian terror suspect arrested in Chicago; Danish police stop Muslim terrorist

The attacks keep coming.  We live in dangerous times.  God help us.

Danish police said on Saturday they shot and wounded a Somali man with al Qaeda links when he tried to break into the home of a cartoonist whose 2005 caricatures of Prophet Mohammad sparked global Muslim outrage. (Source)

In a separate report, we learn that a Canadian Muslim has been arrested in Chicago for allegedly helping plot a terrorist attack against the same Danish newspaper that published those cartoons of Mohammed. Story here.

Where are the so-called "moderate" Muslims to denounce these terrorists?Surely, the majority of Muslims oppose terrorism, so why don't the speak up and talk some sense into the minority?

Disclaimer to protect myself from Human Rights Commissions (normal people need not read this paragraph):  I hereby solemnly declare that I do not harbour any hatred or anger towards any religion or religious group, especially not Islam or Muslims.  I do not advocate any form of violence, hatred or discrimination against Muslims.  I am simply concerned by the statements made by Muslims themselves to the effect that they support terrorist acts.  I am therefore exploring the implications of their position on the public good of Canadians and the world.