Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Global Warming Inquisition

A few insightful article from The Catholic Thing regarding the oppression that honest scientists are facing at the hands of the manipulators who are perpetrating the great fraud of man-made global warming.  Here are a couple of juicy excerpts:

Probably more scientists have been adversely affected – estopped altogether from a given line of research, guided, shaped, propelled, decelerated, forced into nonpublication, secrecy, turned down for funds or promotion, and barred from access to laboratory space or archives – because of defiance of conventional wisdom in America since World War II . . . than existed in the whole of the world in Galileo's day.


Fr. James Schall and historian Paul Johnson have observed how some strains of environmentalism have religious features: a fall of man, a catalogue of sins, a call to repentance and asceticism (at least for those of us who aren't ex-Vice Presidents living in Nashville mansions), the promise of salvation, and dire warnings of a secular apocalypse.