Friday, December 18, 2009

Really dumb idea from Diane Francis

In a recent article, Diane Francis thinks that the world's environmental problems can be solved by depopulation.  She wants to impose a one child policy like in China.  But from atop her ivory tower, she doesn't have a clue of the unspeakable suffering the Chinese have endured because of this policy: the forced abortions, the babies left to die in sewers and rice fields, the harvesting of organs from "spare" people.  I thought you had to be smarter than that to write in a national newspaper.

Here's a few points for Diane to ponder:
  • Diane, you have two children.  Which one are you going to send to the firing squad in order to save the spotted owl?  Will it be Eric or Julie?  Whoever you pick, make sure to tell them that it's nothing personal.
  • You have a sister.  So which one of you is going to commit suicide in order to save the planet?
  • Once we've gotten rid of all the humans, who's gonna be left behind to enjoy the pristine environment?
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