Monday, September 21, 2009

Thank you Father Richard Siok!

I'd like to commend my parish priest, Father Richard Siok, rector of St. Patrick's Basilica in Ottawa, for being such a good pro-life witness.

  • At every Mass this past weekend, Fr. Siok announced the upcoming 40 days for life, which beings on September 23rd. He exhorted everybody to take part in the vigil and he gave a good testimony of his experience at past 40-days campaigns. 
  • He committed St. Patrick's for a full day on October 6th and encouraged people to come out and pray. 
  • Showing true leadership, he has already signed up for the first hour of that day, from midnight to 1 am. 
  • St. Patrick's hosted Vespers on Sunday, September 20th, as part of the kick-off activities. 
  • St. Patrick's will also leave the church open for elderly people who can't brave the cold and would prefer holding vigil inside his beautiful Basilica.
Praise God for faithful priests like Father Richard Siok!